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Ralf Beinbrecht Consulting
Ralf Beinbrecht Ph. D.
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  • Business Management

    ... still is in draft a hourly rates calculator for Freelancers

    Coating technology

    Presentation: "How to make painting processes energy-efficient"

    This subject/presentation has such a huge potential that it has been picked up by the Fraunhofer Institute and some OEMs.
    This project is called "Efficient car-body painting".

    The presentation focused on the following main issues:
    • Strategic view of the complete process chain
    • cost savings potential in the individual process steps
    • efficient application processes
    • equipment-related optimization potential
    • Efficient maintenance
    • alternative processes
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    Plastics Technology

    ... still is in draft a plastic encyclopedia, etc.


    PDF   RBC Quality Matrix (201 KB)