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Ralf Beinbrecht Consulting
Ralf Beinbrecht Ph. D.
Off. +49 7366 7040470
Mobil +49 163 6273692
  • Ferchau Engineering GmbH
    Customer: Continental Automotive GmbH � Plant: Babenhausen to Germany

    Quality and performance of the supplier lie at a very high level.
    The service result corresponds in every regard to the agreed requirements.
    The supplier produces his performance any time on time and reliably.

    Grieved arrangements are strictly. The supplier already repaired a
    prevailing share in painting and plastic mistakes and the manufacturing
    process stabilized. The cooperation with customers is flawless any time.
    The supplier acts customer-oriented and confidently for the purposes of the
    Dirk Fasold, Sales/Location Manager Ferchau Darmstadt (Germany)


    Production here in Landshut runs at full speed in every area. We can look back at extremely demanding yet exciting months in this respect. Together, we succeeded in mastering a high quantity demand and introducing completely new technologies to the line - a fact we are extremely proud of. This is the result of a strong cooperative effort, and behind all this lies your commitment, your flexibility and your innovativeness. On taking up his position, Ralf Beinbrecht (PhD) worked as a field service planner in the area of electric vehicles with a focus on the following:

    • Responsibility for paint planning for 21 vehicles and component responsibility for 12 i8 vehicle parts
    • Compilation/revision of specifications in areas including programming and painting racks/mounts
    • Development of error catalogues
    • Acting as the contact for painting and plastics problems
    • Task Force Leader for production and task force member for plastics/adhesive/assembly and painting technology
    Landshut. BMW Group and Kontec

    Frischkorn via XING

    As a former sworn expert appraiser with many years of experience and an entrepreneur with responsibility for two companies, I had the pleasure of experiencing the singularly effective strategic ideas of Dr. Beinbrecht, and I look forward to continued cooperation in this development work.
    Ennepetal, Jörg Frischkorn Management

    Witte Automotive

    Mr Beinbrecht integrated rapidly and with great assuredness in his complex area of responsibility. His sound expertise and many years of professional experience enabled him to find rapid and structured approaches to solutions for complex tasks and problems, and this is ultimately reflected in a considerable reduction in costs.
    Richard Eckertz, Managing Director of Witte Bitburg GmbH

    Benseler Group

    Dr. Beinbrecht adopts a targeted approach when leading his colleagues, motivating them through their active integration and encouraging them through an acute awareness of their particular skills. As a consequence, he continually achieves impressive results with his employees, even in difficult situations...
    Technical and Commercial Management of Benseler Beteiligungen

    Peguform Weiden via EE AG

    His multifaceted experience in this specialised area underscores his activities in an impressive manner. Proven abilities in terms of personal initiative, independence and the targeted solution of problems led Peguform to entrust Dr. Beinbrecht with complete responsibility for the Audi Le Mans R/8 project, including the procurement of suppliers.
    euro engineering AG, Ralph Ritter Branch Manager